We would like to introduce to You the BoomBox Display

BOOMBOX creates new business model which provides Duracell a real competitive advantage

It’s a great solution to build and develop business relations between Duracell Sale Reps and Shopkeepers

Thanks to BOOMBOX you will get and what is the most important keep most visible place in shop CASH ZONE

There are several key values which make this display interesting solution for Duracell

Marketing options:

Backlit promozone

Exchangeable poster in promozone

Exchangeable side posters

Added pricelists

These features make BoomBox a valuable tool
but how to win the best place in the cash zone?

Everyone use smartphone, so why not use this to make dispenser more attractive for shopkeeper.

85% od people in Europe have a smartphone
and use it average for 2h 11min per day.

What the shopkeepers do when there’s no clients at store at the moment?

They use smartphones

We installed a multifunctional USB port which
makes each shopkeeper keep the display
as close as possible… in the cash zone

Thanks to USB everyone will want to keep the BoomBox display as close as possible…. in the cash zone. They can use this USB port for phone charging. The BoomBom has a phone holder installed.

That’s how BoomBox presents Duracell Products

And is a valuable display for shopkeepers with smartphone holder and USB port

The additional functions for USB are: CCTV camera for secure, speaker to play music, small fan, mug heater, digital clock, UV money detector, additional light etc.

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