before perfecta


Great-great-great-grandfather of company owner obtained concession for sales of alcohol in Lviv. Family Szczebak start their way in business.


Grandfather Józef Szczebak devised a stove Ekonomik 72 – first patented invention! This way Perfecta starts up its activity in metal industry during difficult communist time.


The Berlin Wall fell. It was the time of dynamic development of our company and the market itself. Production offer was broadened to other products: roller shutters, awnings, vertical blinds. This fully privat business develop from this time to some diferent companies located in some places in Wrocław and area nearby Łódź.

Production plant in Borowa

Production plant in Oleśnica

Production plant in Leśnica



Marcin Szczebak established Perfecta Centrum Reklamy. With 4 person in garage. This year is the beginning of Perfecty’s history as a separate advertising company.


Removal to new, own office (separate from production department). The development is noticeable and we have recorded a 5-fold increase in turnover in the last 3 years.



Over the years, the company develops, acquiring new clients, mainly foreign corporate POS recipients, who already generate more than half of turnover. This results in an increase in production and the need to find a new location. This is how the company moves to its current place.


We appear once again at EuroShop in Dusseldorf – World leading Retail Trade Fair. We will back on this Fair in our history many times. Our product range is expanding and we are showing clients increasingly larger and more complex POS materials.


Our sales are not only the markets of Europe and Russia – we send our Backwalls to Tanzania. Increased production also increases employment to almost 100 people.


The development and acquisition of new customers as well as the size of the company require continuous production of large products – our strategy is focused on Backwalls and Overheads. This year, we are acquiring orders for over 1,000 Backwall for the first time to produce over 10,000 next year.


To have space for increased production, new production and storage halls are created. At the same time, we are developing a machine park that allows us to carry out all production needs.

CNC plotters, metal procesing CNC machine, lasers, 3D Printing and many more machines allows us to be independent in production.



The dynamic development in POS production results in the expansion of the implementation and R&D department. New halls and buildings are emerging.


The complexity of our products has increased significantly, so we create systems that allow customers to easily select and manage our product portfolio. Thanks to this, we simplify the production and organization of the company.

resume our history in numbers

32 000


405 000

POSM products


patent pending


POSM products per day



Organized and flexible production, ISO certificates, a team of experienced designers and constructors allows us to easily implement new products into our portfolio. This is how the idea for the construction of telephone booths arises.


After over 25 years of activity, our products have reached many customers from around the world and we still have the strength and desire to create new solutions.